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Suddenly, a Star…Again

  • Wildcard
  • July 18, 2015
  • by Spaeth Communications


When Merrie first made headlines it wasn’t due to her time at the Reagan Administration, but rather as a teen movie star. The headline stated, “Suddenly a Star in the House” and not much has changed since. Last year, Merrie and her debut film, The World of Henry Orient celebrated a 50th anniversary at the TCM Classic Film Festival. And, as of this week, the movie has been re-released on Blu Ray.

Merrie played the role of Gil, a mischievous young teen. Yet few of the film’s older characters, including Henry Orient (Peter Sellers), Isabel (Angela Lansbury) and Stella (Paula Prentiss), could have used a grown-up Gil’s advice. The combination of Henry Orient’s high-profile nature as a famous musician and his penchant for married women could have created some serious BIMBO comments!

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