Crisis Management

Spaeth is known for its success mitigating crises. Clients seek Spaeth Communications for the most challenging and complicated issues of the day, such as regulatory or legislative initiatives, restructuring, plant and hospital closings, workplace incidents, downsizings, labor negotiations, commercial disputes, acquisitions, mergers, cyber security incidents, product tampering, industrial accidents, bankruptcies, key personnel changes and more. 

Proper crisis preparation and management has multiple components.

First, training. “No comment” is not an option. Spaeth crisis training equips your team with a common approach to communication. It creates awareness of the complex media landscape, takes a look at strategies and tactics that contain and control negative developments and prepares spokespeople to respond during any crises, even in the initial moments. 

Next, Spaeth helps companies create plans, communication processes and holding statements for various crisis scenarios. In crises, you often only have moments to respond. It’s critical to think through your strategies and polices before a negative event occurs. Plans also include our techniques to combat negative images, video and handle social media.

Lastly, the Spaeth team is available to all our clients to consult and advise through reputation-threatening events. Clients who have participated in Spaeth training and have plans in place find that crises can be an opportunity to share a positive message.

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