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Collecting Stories in the 21st Century

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  • October 30, 2014
  • by Emily Turner

Story jar app

I love the saying, “there’s an app for that.” Did you know that Apple successfully trademarked that phrase back in 2010? When it comes to storytelling in the 21st Century—wait for it—there is an app for that!

As fellow Spaethites know, we are BIG proponents of storytelling. Stories are motivational in nature and the best stories are memorable. There are new things happening each and every day, employees going above and beyond to make a customer happy or leaders visiting their teams to solicit feedback and ideas. The common denominator in all businesses is how to effectively collect meaningful stories.

As I was brainstorming unique ways to capture, share and save great stories I came across “The Story Jar” app, which debuted early last year. Designer Rahim Bhimani and his team successfully developed an app that makes sharing special stories easy. You can record and send greetings to friends and family to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or simply send your well wishes in a stylish and speedy two-minute format.

I found this to be a great tool for personal use. In the world of fast-paced business, using your smartphone’s voice or video recorder and sending your story to either yourself or others works just as well. It is important to map out a plan and always send stories the same way so you can easily organize them after they’re captured.

From cave drawings to oral histories, our storytelling methods and the ways we capture them have evolved. However, in the 21st century the time for excuses is over. You have to make time, set up a bonafide system and encourage others to help you in your mission. Communication leaders know too well how hard it can be to rally the troops in this area, but if you don’t do it, no one will.

Confession time…I’m still in the 20th century in that I keep a story file in Outlook and make it a point to file every joke, anecdote, quote or testimonial I come across because I know I will need them at some point for a speech or project. I’m committed to upgrading my methods and digitally recording those great stories when I find them. Won’t you join me?

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