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A Friend’s Success – and a Rumor Confirmed

  • Wildcard
  • August 14, 2014
  • by Merrie Spaeth

Price photo front cover

Even more satisfying than accomplishing something yourself is when a great friend triumphs. Denny King, pilot extraordinaire, former board member of the Allied Pilots Association and valued client, sent us this note with the news about his new book, “Price for a Patriot.

The story is too timely: about a soldier captured on the last day of a nasty military conflict, political cover-ups to shield higher ups, accusation of desertion… my, this sounds familiar. Although the action in the book takes place during the first Gulf War, Denny is also a true war hero, decorated with a Bronze Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross and other honors during the Vietnam War where he was a fighter interceptor pilot. His record and service are what America stands for and we are proud he’s our friend. His email read:

Subject line: No Bimbo Me

You may recall long ago when I said I was interested in writing a novel and getting it published. Well, this writer is now an author. My first book is titled “Price For A Patriot.” It will be listed for sale on Amazon in a few days. I have the first copy in hand and must say, it’s pretty darn good and I’m excited. The sequel, “Retribution,” is finished and will be published in a month or so. I learned a lot from you ladies in a very short time and will never forget the enormous benefit your participation was to the pilots of American Airlines. I hope you are both well.

Postscript for those of you who knew my late husband, Tex Lezar, and his beloved Alfa Romeo, which never ran for more than a few weeks at a time and had no air conditioning: when my daughter Maverick was born, I can confirm the rumor that I banished the Alfa. Denny bought it for his sons where it fulfilled its true function, to pick up girls.

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