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How to Inform Your Employees About the Implications of GDPR

  • Trends
  • May 31, 2018
  • by Spaeth Communications

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European regulation drastically changing how companies collect and track everyone’s data. There are scores of articles about it – and that’s the problem. There’s too much information! How should you inform and enlist your employees?

We recommend setting up a dedicated email address where employees can share the various and often sneaky examples they find. Those examples can then be used when you share short, repetitive paragraphs that educate employees over time. Include links to occasional articles, like this one to start.

What should your first message to employees say? Here’s a suggestion:

Have you noticed you’re getting more messages popping up with questions about the sender’s advertising policies? You’ve been tempted just to delete them, haven’t you? We’ve been doing that, too. But it’s very risky. Reason No. 1: Some companies are taking your continued access to their website as acceptance of their policies to collect and sell your data.

Take the time to look at those messages. And – send them to us at [insert dedicated email] and we’ll share them weekly.

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