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Dancing Dubya

  • Leadership
  • July 13, 2016
  • by Sally Ann Rivera

While Dallas still reels from the last week’s deadly attacks on our police force, the nation has begun to chatter about a local resident dancing at a memorial service.

Tuesday’s visit from President Obama was a somber one. He joined in a rendition of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” holding hands with his wife and both of their White House predecessors.

One of those individuals got a little more into it than the rest. Yes, I’m talking about George W. Bush singing and dancing. If this hasn’t made its way to one of your social media or news feeds yet, here’s a look:

The (generally more liberal) Atlantic had a fair take on the situation, concluding, “let the guy be.” We all grieve differently, it’s a song meant for dancing and the Obamas seemed to get into it at the end, too.

So why join the chatter? “Dancing Dubya” is a reminder to us all that body language matters not only when you’re presenting, but also any time you’re in public. Especially if you are a leader, you will be watched and critiqued or copied. The camera is always on and your audience is always ready to draw its own conclusions.

The solution:  think like you’re on camera even when you’re not the one presenting, and have an answer ready for any criticism. Rehearsal is key for this last part. Know what you will say whether your actions become controversial or not. Not sure how? We can help.

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