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A Salute to a Great Lady - And a Reminder to Take Our Own Advice

  • Wildcard
  • March 8, 2016
  • by Merrie Spaeth


As Special Assistant to President Reagan and Director of Media Relations at the White House, I had several unique interactions with Mrs. Reagan. When ABC's Dallas affiliate station, WFAA, contacted me for a few comments, we tried to follow the advice we give you, our clients. We hustled into the office on a Sunday evening so they could film an interview and all the wonderful pictures on my wall.  

In those pictures, I can be seen tucked into the back corner of the Cabinet Room or the Roosevelt Room. As a mid-level employee at the White House, it was folks in charge of functions--like me--who had the task of getting the President's message out while all the important people and senior staffers were all over the news. Long live the White House News Service!

I was glad to link our corporate message with the news of the day by adding my voice to those praising Mrs. Reagan-- and to communicate with all our friends and clients. Goodbye, Mrs. Reagan, and thank you for one more chance to remind people of the accomplishments of the Reagan White House.

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