Services / Communication Skills

Spaeth Communications, Inc. is a Dallas-based firm recognized as a leader in the communications field for its innovative training and strategic consulting.

Communication as a Strategic Business ToolSM

Developed for graduate students of the world's leading business schools, this three hour seminar is an overview aimed at senior executives. The program demonstrates advanced communication strategies and how to ensure consistency, alignment and value from your company's communication efforts.

Sales Communication

Sales professionals face very specific challenges. Spaeth techniques help already successful individuals benchmark their skills and be the best they can be. Learn why a listener remembers certain things and not others, how to structure information to be concise and credible, how to deal with objections and criticism, and how to tap the person-to-person network of communication that exists in any company or organization.

Personal Communication Skills DevelopmentSM

Have you been told you need to improve your personal communication skills in order to rise in the company or be a more effective manager? Do you regularly talk to customers, employees, senior management and others? This course is taught one-on-one or in small group sessions. Participants learn to use effective communication techniques in a wide range of situations.

Communication Skills for Executive Support Staff

Do your executives depend on others to create presentations, draft remarks, or design visuals? This course is designed for managers and staff supporting executives who have a wide range of communication needs. The day-long course reviews how to build a presentation around "headlines" or "take away" messages, produce an effective PowerPoint, write specifically for TelePrompTer, use humor, proper speech formatting and how to rehearse the executive who will deliver the material.

Nonverbal Communication

Experts agree the vast majority of communication is nonverbal. Do you know the fine nuances of body language? Do your eyes, hands and posture contradict or reinforce your verbal message? Are you sensitive to gender and cultural differences? How can you tell when someone is being devious or deceptive? Nonverbal Communication is a session for any Spaeth graduate who wants a more in-depth examination of the latest thinking on kinesics, mirroring and other nonverbal components that impact speaker credibility.