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What Melania’s White Dress Teaches us About Communication

  • Trends
  • July 21, 2016
  • by Laura Barnett

With all the chatter – and even a rejected resignation by the speech writer – related to Melania Trump’s convention speech, I’d like to call your attention to a matter that made a splash on the fashion radar. Stick with me, this is communications-related.

The former model selected a $2190 dress, designed by fellow-Serbian Roksana Ilincic. It reportedly sold out in an hour Monday evening. Not just the white version she wore, but the same style in hot pink as well. While most of us wouldn’t spend $2200 for a dress, that’s a modest price point for Trump when you realize her overall wealth. We’ve also seen Duchess Kate select outfits for herself and her children with a more reasonable price point, as she understands her celebrity status and the media will drive people to buy the outfits.

In recent years we’ve talked more about the power of style when presenting. Since everyone owns a smartphone these days, you must be aware that speaking in public means being recorded in public. Far more people will see you now than ever before, thanks to tools like Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube, Vine and SnapChat.

When a celebrity is in the spotlight, even more attention is paid to what they say and wear. (Have you noticed how the red carpet show for the Oscars is almost as long as the awards show itself?) Polishing your appearance is crucial in an era when more eyes can see you instantly. Who knows? You may be credited with starting a trend or helping a dress sell out in an hour!

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