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The Next Generation

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  • December 8, 2015
  • by Merrie Spaeth

Sally ann banking

One of the most rewarding things about having my own small company is mentoring successive generations of talented young people.

The American Bankers Association invited me (again) to their annual conference for a panel. What began as a panel on cyber-attacks, a hot topic these days, morphed into a discussion of how financial institutions can and should use social media. I passed the baton to Sally Ann Moyer, our very creative associate. You’ll see from the attached article that she was in first-rate company.

The panel included, Facebook U.S. Head of Industry, Finance Jerry Canning, President/CEO for Centric Financial Corporation and Centric Bank, Patricia A. Husic and Vice Chairman for Lead Bank Josh Rowland. President/CEO for Union Bankshares Corporation, G. William Beale, moderated the session.

In the write-up, each panelist was quoted offering a salient piece of advice. Sally Ann’s comment about the importance of alignment between the online experience and the in-person experience is a lesson all companies, but particularly all financial services companies, need to learn.

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