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Steely Knitter

  • Wildcard
  • June 17, 2015
  • by Merrie Spaeth

Steely knitter

Many of our clients know that I am an avid needle pointer and am always working on projects – even in meetings. I have found reinforcements!

Described as “Google’s Steely Adversary,” Margrethe Vestager, the European Union’s commissioner for competition has been revealed as a dedicated knitter. Vestager declared war on Google this spring and, according to The New York Times, has a reputation for toughness. She, too, is known to perform her craft at meetings.

While I needlepoint mainly Christmas ornaments as presents, Vestager works on hand-knit toy animals. Her last creation was an elephant. No word on what she was working on when she filed anti-trust charges against Google in Brussels.

The New York Times reported she sat with “notably confident bearing” before a technology trade group on a recent visit in Washington, D.C.

Was The Times punning with the description of her demeanor as “bear”ing?

I am personally delighted to have this global sisterhood so prominently vindicate my behavior. I shall continue to ply my needle and encourage other crafters to do the same!

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