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How Banks Can Avoid a PR Nightmare

  • Crisis
  • October 27, 2014
  • by Spaeth Communications

10 27 14 banks avoid pr nightmare

Texas Banking recently published the article, “Crisis Communication: How Banks Can Avoid a PR Nightmare” extensively quoting and pulling from Merrie’s more than two decades of experiences working with banks and the banking industry.

The article is an interesting read for anyone because, not surprisingly, many of the lessons translate to any industry. The article outlines why the “best defense is a good offense,” the problem with saying “no comment” and why crisis communication plans are crucial.

The reporter, Jamie Tanner writes:

Spaeth cites an influence model she encourages banks to reference. She says banks need to be able to answer these questions: Who is the audience? What are the channels that we have to reach them? Who is the spokesperson? Are we prepared to react?

Sound familiar? To read the full article, click here.

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