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Five More Reasons Depp and Heard Should be Sorry

  • Crisis
  • April 18, 2016
  • by Laura Barnett

Johnny depp

In an almost unprecedented move, actor Johnny Depp and his wife, model Amber Heard, issued a video apology to the government of Australia after failing to declare their dogs “Pistol” and “Boo” to the Australian Customs Service. The video allowed them to avoid steep jail sentences.

Heard’s attorney claimed she was sleep-deprived when she filled out the customs forms, resulting in the error. It also appears Heard and Depp were sleep-deprived when they recorded the apology. Putting in an extra 30 minutes towards the production of the video would have changed it dramatically. Here’s how:

1) Camera angle: Let’s hope you’re not apologizing via video any time soon, but you might have a job interview or need to present a webinar. Angling the camera too low looks like you’re literally “talking down” to someone. That’s a no-win, regardless of whether you’re interviewing, presenting or even apologizing.

2) Rehearse! We can’t stress this enough. If you’re presenting solo or, even more importantly, with a partner, rehearsal is crucial. Depp has spent 30 years making almost 60 movies; surely he understands the necessity of rehearsal to a smooth performance. If you’re interviewing for a job or reporting to a group using Skype, practice with a friend or colleague first. Small tip: When you use Skype, you’ll see yourself in a small corner of your screen. Since that can be a bit unnerving, try covering up that box with a sticky note.

3) Emotion: Depp has won Screen Actors Guild Awards but not with this performance. Ironically, Heard was much more believable in her delivery. Depp looked and sounded like he wanted to get it over with and simply didn’t care. Maintaining an appropriate energy level for the setting is important and another reason why rehearsal is vital.

4) Speech quality: Speaking clearly and distinctly sounds like a no-brainer, but since Depp didn’t, it bears mentioning. In fact, it was hard to make out what he said several times during this short video.

5) Think creatively and draft a decent script: What a missed opportunity! He’s a celebrity, so anything Depp does will attract attention. If he and his wife created a series of professionally produced public service announcements on the importance of biosecurity, I can all but guarantee I wouldn’t have to write this blog. (Or I’d be writing another applauding the series!)

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