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  • Crisis
  • July 8, 2016
  • by Spaeth Communications


Tragedies now stream in real time. Unfortunately, we have too many examples to illustrate the pervasiveness of these sorts of shootings. Beginning this week in Baton Rouge and escalating to another tragic death in Minnesota live-streamed by the victim’s fiancée, we are also seeing how communication tools can supplant the role of reporter. Even reporters incorporate these ubiquitous mobile tools while spreading information. We saw friends at a local news station with the station video camera in one hand and Periscoping in the other during the aftermath of Thursday night’s shooting in Dallas.

The question that remains, now that these tools are permeating our everyday life, is one of judgment. This judgment call needs to be part of every organization’s crisis communications plan.

We think DPD made the right choice, and our prayers are with our city.

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