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Building a Strong Communication Foundation

  • Leadership
  • July 7, 2016
  • by Laura Barnett


I recently had the opportunity to visit with some of the brightest minds in construction project management. ARCO recruits its PMs (project managers) from top schools in civil or structural engineering. In addition to a strong foundation (pun intended) in construction, it’s gratifying that ARCO’s leadership is investing in their PM’s right-brain-skills, like listening and communication.

Our session began with a review of Spaeth’s trademarked methodology, which shifts your thinking about communication from information to influence. Don’t be surprised to notice a learning curve when you go through Spaeth training! These new skills will help the project managers handle difficult questions and conversations with clients and colleagues. It’s something that can benefit workers in any industry. Structuring what you say and focusing on your audience will ensure you stay persuasive and avoid potential landmines that can damage a hard-earned reputation.

We capped off the day with everyone’s favorite topic:  meetings! Since there are so many moving parts that go into the successful construction of a building: permits, plans, deadlines and design features--just to name a few—running an effective meeting is essential. We walked through best practices for all different levels of meetings. Creating accountability is key, finish the meeting by going around the room and asking each person to list what they are responsible for and when they will accomplish it.

ARCO understands the importance of training all levels of the company and new employees appreciate the career development opportunity. Not only that, our conversations cultivated some great team-building moments. We find that’s an unexpected benefit to getting everyone around the table to communicate about communication.

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