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Ambassadors Come In All Shapes

  • Leadership
  • November 14, 2014
  • by Emily Turner


Ambassadors come in all shapes, sizes and, I’ve discovered…breeds. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to stay in a boutique hotel that has its very own four-legged ambassador, a sweet terrier mix named Huey. He greets guests upon arrival, receives treats and even accompanies some guests on the elevator to their rooms. For a frequent business traveler and dog lover, it was a fabulous and memorable surprise.

Coincidentally, I was working with a financial institution that is going through a time of great change. The purpose was to equip employees with the communication skills necessary to handle member questions and ultimately enlist them to share their own stories. The goal was to help these employees realize that they were ambassadors for the financial institution.

It’s no secret that person-to-person communication is the most powerful form of communication. No matter what we read in the paper or on a company’s website, when we actually talk to someone that works for the company, their word is the most credible. Leaders who understand and harness this power not only successfully navigate times of great change, they reap the added benefit of having satisfied employees.

One participant said that this was the first job she ever had where the company invested in employee training. It made her feel special and, even though she was shy, she promised to share her experiences far and wide as a brand ambassador.

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