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Spaeth Communications, Inc. is a Dallas-based firm recognized as a leader in the communications field for its innovative training and strategic consulting.

While it's important to be credible and knowledgeable as a speaker, today the bar has been raised. Your listeners expect you to be interesting, exciting and motivating. Spaeth training will show you how you can accomplish all three. Our philosophy believes the true test is making your message memorable.

Participants in the presentation skills course receive an individual speech critique and plan of action for presentation skills improvement. At Spaeth Communications, practicing 'presentation skills' means more than just working on style issues such as eye contact and hand gestures. We’ll introduce concepts such as “guideposts” and how to interact with the audience throughout the presentation. Visuals, humor and the correct use of PowerPoint are all included in this transformational session. The good news is that effective presentation skills can be honed and polished. We will revolutionize how you think about the speech process, communication and your own abilities.

Once you have grasped Persuasive PresentationsSM, Spaeth will take you through the advanced presentations skills training. This course will teach you how to take your speech to the next level. At all Spaeth sessions, we ask participants to bring real presentations. They can be formal presentations to a key group or just an “ad hoc” response to a question that requires you to quickly organize your thoughts, assess what the questioner needs and who he may pass information to, and to respond appropriately.